5 Customer Support Software Similar to Salesforce


There are many customer support software that you can choose as an alternative to Salesforce. We have reviewed 5 customer support software that offer features such as multi-channel support, request management and personalized service.

1. Grispi

Grispi stands out as a very useful software where you can track customer requests from different channels from a single screen. Requests from social media, e-mail and call channels can be transferred to the relevant departments as tickets.

With call integrations, call records can be securely stored and analyzed. In addition, Grispi can provide follow-up of processes such as purchases and returns via tickets for companies serving in the field of sales.

Grispi Prices

  • Start-up: 7$
  • Level Up: 14$
  • Enterprise: 39$

2. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a comprehensive digital service management platform that enables businesses to manage customer relationships, enhance customer experience and integrate sales, marketing and customer service processes. 

With features such as customer demand management, sales automation, customer relationship management, self-service portals and reporting, businesses can optimize customer-centric service delivery, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Offers are required for all packages.

3. Oracle Service Cloud

Oracle Service Cloud stands out as a cloud-based customer experience platform. It enables businesses to effectively manage customer requests, communicate with customers through various channels and increase customer satisfaction. 

Equipped with features such as ticket management, self-service portals, social media integration and analytical reporting, Oracle Service Cloud helps businesses strengthen customer relationships while increasing operational efficiency.


  • Offers are required for all packages.

4. SAP Service Cloud

SAP Service Cloud is SAP’s cloud-based customer experience management solution. It enables businesses to optimize their customer service processes, effectively manage customer demands and increase customer satisfaction.

Equipped with features such as ticket management, self-service portals, customer relationship management, integration and analytical reporting, SAP Service Cloud provides businesses with a comprehensive platform to enhance customer-centric service delivery.


  • Standard: 360£

5. SugarCRM

SugarCRM offers a modern and flexible platform for customer relationship management (CRM). It enables businesses to collect, manage and analyze customer data. With its user-friendly interface, customization options and powerful integrations, businesses can strengthen customer relationships and optimize their sales, marketing and customer service processes.


  • Essentials: 39£
  • Advanced: 686£
  • Premier: 108£

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