Scale Your Call Center Operations with Grispi

With Cloud Call Center, reach your users with a single click, provide live support and have the chance to resolve requests one-on-one.

Get rid of costly call center setup and staffing processes.

Live Support

Easy Setup

Time & Money

Stay in Contact with Your Users

Find solutions to your customers’ questions and requests more easily by providing one-on-one support.

Get to know your customers through the request screen that opens automatically when the call is answered, and continue communication through different channels if you wish. You can also access call recordings whenever you want.

Build Your Cloud Call Center with AloTech Integration

If you are an existing AloTech user, you can complete the setup of your cloud call center and start answering calls in minutes, thanks to the easy integration with Grispi.

If you do not have a cloud call center, we are help to establishing your fast cloud call center with our Alotech partnership.

Increase the Productivity of Your Agents with Reporting and Analytics

Make data-driven strategic decisions by measuring metrics such as the number of incoming and outgoing calls, average call duration, and waiting time with the reporting tool included in Grispi.

Increase Sales and Satisfaction

Add cloud call center to your business with Grispi today to engage customers and boost satisfaction.