5 Reasons to Use Customer Support System

Customer support systems and customer experience management programmes have become very popular today. Because today, the use of social media and the number of consumers in e-commerce is increasing. Therefore, as the number of users and social media platforms increases, the number of communication requests to companies also increases. At the same time, the number of channels through which these demands reach the companies is diversifying.

Conveniences Provided by the Customer Support Platform

Customers of an e-commerce company can send requests to the company via contact forms and live chat support modules on the website. In addition, it can also contact the company via Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Therefore, it becomes difficult for a company to respond instantly to these requests coming through many different communication channels.

Customer support platforms gain importance at this point. Because thanks to the multi-channel customer support system, requests from different platforms can be displayed on a single screen. In this way, representatives can respond to requests faster and the waiting time of the customer is reduced. Therefore, increased customer satisfaction means more customers and more sales in the long term.

Other benefits of the customer support system include automation, cost savings, reporting, help centre setup, etc.

1. Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Customer support platforms offer your customers the opportunity to provide a reliable and quality service. These systems provide the opportunity to respond to your customers quickly and effectively with the tools it contains. In this way, the waiting time of your customers is reduced and their satisfaction increases.

For example, you can communicate with your customers with a Live Support / Chat module that you will add to your website. You can instantly answer very common questions such as “Where is my order, is there another colour of this product, my product is missing”.

2. Automating Business Processes

A customer support system automates the processes used to respond to your customers, speeding up your team’s work and increasing their productivity. Thus, your agents can focus on more important business problems.

For example, thanks to template messages, you can identify the most common complaints and create ready-made responses to them. In addition, thanks to smart automations, you can determine the work to be done in accordance with the flow without the need for agents to take action.

3. Saving Time and Money with Customer Support Platform

By using a customer support system, you save time and money spent on solving your customers’ problems. Since all your requests are collected in a single channel, you can make the same transaction with a single representative instead of different people controlling each channel. Therefore, we can talk about a cost saving of up to 40%.

And with tools such as automations and templated response, your agents can fulfil more requests in less time. Your agents can therefore devote the increased time to more complex business processes.

4. Making Statistics Easier to Follow

Thanks to the reporting tool hosted by customer support systems, it is easy to monitor the quality of service provided by your customer team. The platform can report how many requests each representative received and how long it took to resolve these requests.

For example, you can track how many seconds it takes your call centre agent to answer an incoming call and how many minutes it takes to resolve the request. You can even measure how satisfied the customer is with this conversation through scoring. You can also track metrics such as how many different customers come to your company with the same request per month. In this way, you can identify problem areas and make the necessary improvements.

5. Facilitating Communication Through Customer Support System Help Centre

Customer support systems hold together the information your team needs to provide the best service to the customer. All the articles that the agent may need when answering calls or solving requests are available in the guides you have prepared in advance on the platform. Customer representatives can quickly analyse which action should be taken with a few keywords.

It also allows you to provide the same service to your customers by setting up a help centre. After identifying the most frequent requests, you can create a guide and prepare a platform that your customers can easily access. As a result, requests are easily resolved by the customer’s searches on the Help Centre before they even reach your representatives

So Who Should Use Customer Support System?

Due to all these benefits, whether you are a small-scale e-commerce company or a large logistics company, customer support system applications will be an absolute necessity for companies in all sectors in the long term.

However, not all customer support systems may be suitable for your company. First of all, you should make sure that the customer support platform you choose is suitable for your business needs.

You should also make sure that the platform can be shaped according to the number of representatives. It is also important that the platform you use has a live support system Finally, when choosing a customer support platform according to the type of company, you should also check its compliance with the workflows you have predetermined.

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