6 Best Live Chat Tools for Customer Support

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Live chat tools are very important to strengthen customer support and ensure customer satisfaction. We have reviewed the 10 best live chat tools that you can choose for your company.

1. Grispi

Grispi allows your customers to communicate directly with your team through your website with its live chat feature. With the live chat tool, you can communicate with your customers quickly and in real time. You can offer personalised support based on customer data.

Grispi’s chat widget fits seamlessly into your website design. You can edit the colour and chat appearance to match your website. The chat area can be used securely on both desktop and mobile devices.

Agents can easily manage multiple chats at the same time. If you wish, you can seamlessly transfer chats between departments.

Grispi Prices

  • Start-up: 7$
  • Level Up: 14$
  • Enterprise: 39$

2. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is a live chat platform that provides companies with a comprehensive solution for managing and improving customer communication. This tool has the ability to provide instant interaction with customers through a live chat window that can be integrated into websites. 

Zendesk Chat offers a range of features such as customisable automated responses, instant customer support team notifications and rich analytical reporting. It also helps centralise customer service by integrating different communication channels such as email, social media and phone, as well as live chat.

Zendesk Prices

  • Suite Team: 55$
  • Suite Growth: 89$
  • Suite Professional: 115$
  • Suite Enterprise: An offer needs to be received.

3. Olark

Olark live chat tool is a customer support and communication tool that can be integrated into websites. It allows users to communicate with you live on your website. Key features include functions such as real-time chat, visitor tracking, custom messages and predefined responses. 

Olark is designed to facilitate the process of interacting with and assisting visitors. It also offers data collection capabilities to analyse user behaviour and improve customer satisfaction.

Olark Prices

  • Annual: 29$

4. Hubspot

HubSpot’s live chat tool is a customer communication tool that can be integrated into websites. This tool provides fast and interactive support to potential customers by offering real-time chat to users. HubSpot live chat has features such as recognising visitors, automating predetermined messages, tracking conversations and data analysis to improve customer experience. 

It can also be integrated with HubSpot CRM to better manage customer relationships and optimise sales processes. In this way, businesses can interact with visitors more effectively and increase customer satisfaction.

Hubspot Prices

  • Professional: 450$
  • Enterprise: 1500$

5. Intercom

Intercom stands out as a customer support and communication platform. Intercom has live chat features, real-time customer chats, customisable chat windows, visitor tracking, customer profiles, automatic response systems and integration options. 

In addition, customer support team interactions and notes can be stored in a customer database. This enables more effective management of customer relationships. Intercom also offers a broad platform that focuses on product marketing and sales processes.

Intercom Prices

  • Essential: 39$
  • Advanced: 99$
  • Expert: 139$

6. Zoho Desk

Zoho Desk stands out as a platform that offers comprehensive customer support solutions. Live chat features include real-time chat, visitor tracking, customisable chat forms, team collaboration tools and integration options. 

Zoho Desk is designed to track customer requests, automate workflows and increase customer satisfaction. It also includes a customer database to collect customer information in a single centre.

Zoho Desk Prices

  • Standard: 12£
  • Professional: 20£
  • Enterprise: 35£

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