Call Center Management Guide

A call centre is a central unit established by an organisation or business to perform customer service, technical support, sales, marketing and similar functions. Call centres communicate with customers using telecommunication technologies and offer various services.

In this article, we have compiled all the details you need to know about call center management. How to set up a call center? What hardware is needed? How to increase productivity? The answer to all these questions is in our article.

What are Call Center Types?

Call centers generally serve in two ways;

  • Inbound call centre is the type where the customer communicates and reaches the call centre to get support.
  • Outbound call centre is the type in which call centres usually contact the customer for sales-marketing.

How does a Call Center Work?

Institutions can gain customers by contacting potential customers through call centre management. For this reason, it is a strategic area for organizations to manage their relations with their customers through a call center and to increase their network.

The next stage after gaining customers in the management of call centers is to make the relationship with the acquired customer continuous. By meeting the customer’s demands and ensuring customer satisfaction, the continuity of the customer in the organization is created.

If there is no call center that provides the customer’s relationship with the institution, the customer will terminate its bond with the institution as customer problems cannot be solved.

The organization may not consider call center management necessary during the customer acquisition phase; however, call center communication is essential for customer continuity.

With a call center management where the customer can communicate and find solutions to their problems quickly, a reliable bridge is established between the institution and the customer.

What are the Requirements for Call Center Setup?

First of all, foresight should be made during the call center establishment phase.

  • What is the number of Inbound and Outbound calls?
  • What should be the number of employees in a call center?
  • Which software should be purchased? such questions need to be addressed.

Following the creation of the forecasts, the number of customers should be determined, the number of employees and working order should be planned, and the necessary software or hardware should be purchased.

How Should Call Center Hardware and Infrastructure Be?

The qualifications of the equipment used in the call center play an important role in ensuring that the call center has a quality system. The most important among these equipment is the computer system. Both hardware and computer systems in the call center installation must be capable of recording and performing calls.

In addition to these, a fast and consistent internet connection is also very important for the quality management of calls. At this stage, we recommend that you measure the internet infrastructure and competencies of the region where you will establish the call office in advance. In addition, we recommend that you have a generator system to prevent data loss in case of power outages.

How to Manage Human Resources in Call Centers?

Human resources management is one of the most important points in the success of companies. Customer representatives working in call centers are the channel to communicate with customers on behalf of the company. For this reason, human resources should turn to potential employees with strong communication skills as call center personnel.

Another task of human resources in the call center is to determine company policies to attract potential customers and to prepare the appropriate infrastructure.

How should the Training, Development and Performance Evaluation Processes of Customer Representatives Work?

Training of customer representatives should proceed as follows:

  • The general functioning of the system should be explained to students,
  • Provide information on how to communicate with the customer,
  • Face-to-face practical training should be provided,
  • During the training process, simulation calls should be taken and reenactments should be made,
  • The call center customer representative candidate should continue to receive calls for a while next to an experienced customer representative.

The call center customer representative candidate can improve his/her performance by working with an experienced call center as stated in the last stage of the training. Employee performance can be evaluated alongside an experienced customer representative.

How to Increase Call Center Productivity?

  • DAlternative communication channels should be used for customers who do not want to receive light calls.
  • Communication should not be done in a single way. E-mail, SMS, social media alternatives should be evaluated.
  • The goal should not be to generate more calls, but to ensure effective communication between the company and the customer through the call center.
  • Data should be kept up to date.
  • Do not continue to call numbers that are known to be false, or numbers that are not certain to belong to the customer.

What are the Ways to Improve Customer Experience?

  • Products and services need to be renewed in line with customer demands.
  • The customer’s suggestions should be taken into account.
  • Customer complaints and negative comments should be examined.
  • Try to get feedback from the customer.
  • Multi-channel communication service should be offered. Customers should be made to feel more comfortable with their preferred communication channel. For example, if the customer only wants to receive offers via SMS, this should be taken into account for customer satisfaction.

What Are the Best Technology Solutions for Call Centers?

Grispiis one of the companies offering the best technology solutions for the call center. Call center integrated with Alotech Grispi you can save time and cost.

Through Grispi, you can receive your inbound and outbound calls, turn your customer’s requests into tickets and ensure business follow-up. You can also record calls and store customer data securely. You can contact us to try Grispi for free for 14 days.

Why is Call Center Analytics and Reporting Important?

With call center analytics and reporting, you can record customer status, problems and requests. You can plan the customer journey by identifying customer trends over time.

With the reporting and analysis tool in Grispi, you can make data-driven strategic decisions by measuring the number of incoming and outgoing calls, average call duration and waiting time.

What Should be Considered to Reduce Call Center Costs?

  • Use a CRM system,
  • Provide ChatBot service,
  • Set up computer telephony integration (CTI),
  • Meet demands with multi-channel communication.

We have come to the end of our article where we have compiled the details you need to know about call center management. You can follow us for these and many more useful articles.

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