Customer Service and Customer Support: Differences and Importance

In today’s business world, customer service and customer support departments are the invisible fairies of a brand. You need to develop successful strategies in these two areas to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. What are the differences between customer service and customer support? Let’s examine it together.

What is Customer Support?

First, let’s take a look at what customer support is. Customer support is the assistance a company provides to customers who use its product or service. This covers areas such as the correct use of the product, solving potential problems and providing information.

Basic customer support channels include phone, email, live chat and social media. Every customer wants to cooperate with the company that provides fast and accurate solutions in the face of adverse situations. Be accessible and solution-oriented!

What are the Objectives of Customer Service?

Among the main objectives of customer service;

  • To increase customer satisfaction,
  • Ensure effective use of products and services,
  • Solving problems and building customer loyalty.

Satisfied customers increase the company’s reputation and the likelihood of repeat sales. Customer service includes services such as pre and after sales support, technical support and information provision.

What are the Differences Between Customer Support and Customer Service?

Customer service is a very comprehensive concept. It covers the entire process of the product and service from pre-sales to after-sales. Customer support covers the sales process. This includes the use of the product and the solution of potential problems. Although they differ in their scope, these two factors are crucial for customer retention.

What Does Customer Service Cover?

Customer service covers a wide range of areas, including the delivery of the product or service, after-sales support, collecting feedback and managing communication between the company and the customer. In this process, the service also has responsibilities towards its brand and the customer. In order to fulfill its responsibility towards its brand, it should always be friendly and solution-oriented, while it should be able to provide technical support and consultancy to the customer whenever necessary.

Customer Support from a Customer Service Perspective

From a customer service perspective, customer support is seen as a way to ensure customer satisfaction. The support team strengthens customer relationships by solving problems, providing information and communicating effectively. By improving customer support processes and integrating with customer service, companies can successfully continue their growth process.

Can We Turn Customer Support into Customer Service?

Of course it can be transformed. This transformation is possible through better education, better technological infrastructure and more effective processes. Let’s examine the details that need to be considered for successful customer service.

  • Fast responses: Every customer wants their problem to be solved quickly. Providing a quick response allows you to impress your customer.
  • Providing accurate information: Providing accurate information speeds up the resolution process. However, it allows you to gain your customer’s loyalty.
  • Professionalism A successful service depends on professionalism. You can bring your professional perspective to the forefront by taking an objective approach.
  • Empathy: A point of view should be created between the customer and the company, where they see things from the same perspective. The short name for this perspective is empathy. Always empathize with your customer.
  • Feedback Effective communication and taking customer feedback into account are prioritized success factors.

The Role of Customer Service in Customer Satisfaction

Customer service and support plays a critical role in helping companies increase satisfaction. Satisfied customers enhance the company’s reputation, increasing the likelihood of repeat sales and providing positive references.

As a result of providing positive customer references, the company can grow and acquire loyal customers. This is why it is vital for long-term success that companies pay sufficient attention to customer service and support.

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In this article, we have discussed the differences between customer service and customer support and why these two areas are so important for businesses. Don’t forget to follow us for more useful content like this.

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