CRM (Customer Relationship Management) What is it?

CRM is the general name of the entire process that organizations carry out before, during and after sales for existing and potential customers. CRM stands for “Customer Relationship Management”, which means “Customer Relationship Management” in English.

Effective management of customer relations in the business world requires successful fulfillment of expectations. Tools, systems and applications that enable companies to manage these processes quickly and easily without data loss are also called “CRM”.

Organizations record and store customer data with CRM. Follows up on customer details, responds quickly to requests and encourages customers to make purchases. This enables strategic management of customer interactions. CRM software supports increasing business volume and profit margins.

What Does CRM Do?

CRM systems are a technology used to provide customer relationship management for different sectors. CRM software is the easiest way to create brand and product loyalty for your potential and existing customers.

CRM programs record detailed information about customers. In this way, the service the customer is interested in, the point at which they are in the contract, their past requests and comments are tracked. This enables the entire customer portfolio to be analyzed.

What are the Benefits of CRM?


CRM software, which is used to manage customer interactions in a beneficial way, provides many advantages to companies. CRM programs provide analysis and reporting based on customer data at every stage of the customer experience.

Customer information, service requests, offers and many other issues can be systematically tracked on a single platform. It enables your organization to differentiate from its competitors by analyzing customer needs and demands. We can list some of the advantages of CRM software for organizations that want to make a difference in their sector as follows:

1. Provides Satisfaction-Oriented Service

CRM software enables organizations to know their customers in detail. In addition to customer contact information, detailed data on inter-organizational relations are recorded in the CRM system. Analyzes customer relationships and ensures that special offers are offered to categories.

Satisfaction-oriented service delivery is ensured thanks to the detailed data obtained on customer demands, needs and expectations. It supports the strengthening of inter-organizational relationships by providing data-driven reporting and analysis at every stage of the customer experience.

2. Makes You Preferred

CRM software collects and analyzes product and service requests from potential customers and customer data on a single platform. The customer support system enables to increase customer satisfaction by managing requests from a single panel.

Differentiates your brand from your competitors with a customized customer experience. It supports you to respond quickly to customer requests thanks to its call systems and chat feature. Sales data can be easily tracked by experts thanks to the collection of all data at a single point. As a result of all these features, CRM software enables you to improve your customer experience and make you preferred.

3. Detailed Analysis and Reporting

Keeping your customer data up-to-date and accurate is one of the most important advantages of CRM software. It supports you to make fast and accurate decisions.

The data collected from your customers can be reported in detail in CRM software. The data collected from customers should be collected in the CRM system and analyzed in terms of criteria specific to your organization. Thanks to the reports obtained, you can analyze your corporate needs and develop new strategies.

4.Ensures High Efficiency and Productivity

CRM software enables integrated management of many units such as marketing, purchasing, human resources and technical service. It provides access to the necessary data anywhere connected to the Internet. CRM software increases productivity and supports human resources to work more efficiently.

CRM solutions provide advantages for your organization in every area where customer data is needed, such as field visits, customer meetings and technical staff visits. Your corporate employees can share by entering data even outside the office with the hybrid working method. Thanks to CRM software, inter-departmental relations are strengthened and assignments are chained.

With all these features and advantages, you can manage your customer relations in the best way possible. With an effective Customer Relationship Management strategy and tools, you can streamline your workflow and follow-up. As a result, you can spend more time acquiring new customers while increasing the satisfaction of your existing ones.

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